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Matt Ceriani spent 6 years in back pain resulting from a sports injury. After treatment by other practitioners, including shoulder surgery that was unsuccessful in relieving the pain, in June 2013 he met Dr. William T. O’Connor.

After just one session of going through The O’Connor Technique™, he was instantly taken out of pain, his range of motion was restored and he has remained out of pain to this day.

“I would recommended it to everyone; especially athletes looking to avoid surgery, or have a turn around where a normal low back or mid back injury might take 2 – 3 weeks. With The O’Connor Technique your pain goes instantly. Dr. O’Connor taught me how to do it on own so that I can take myself out of pain wherever I am.”

Matt Ceriani

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Written Testimonials

  • After suffering for many years with re-occurring spasms in my lower back, I sought treatment for a extreme episode of pain in early 2003. Instead of just prescribing muscle relaxers + rest, Dr. O'Connor explained what I was experiencing and what to avoid doing on a daily basis. Because he was able to allow me to visualize my problem and provide his book with illustrations, I have been spasm free. In fact, I am now able to use the information in the book along with a fitted back brace to essentially maintain my own back health. I have avoided at least three spasms on my own. Dr. O'Connor's "method " is a GODSEND.

    John E.
  • My wife and I received your book, “Making Your Bad Back Better” a few days ago and we wanted to tell you that both of our back problems are gone since we applied your maneuvers. My wife had been to her chiropractor for spine adjustments with no real improvement but was feeling great after completing one maneuver from your book. I have a chronic problem with my middle-upper back and am very pleased that I can now quickly and easily adjust my spine so that it is in proper alignment and I feel great. Thanks for the valuable information!

    Steve & Margarita S
  • I must tell you that this material is the very best I have ever read concerning techniques for aiding back pain sufferers, really good stuff. My wife has several prolapsed discs and has already terrific pain relief with your information. I am a retired anesthesiologist here in Sarasota, my wife has had MRIs, cat scans etc. showing her pathology but what amazes me is the indifference to her pain shown by both general orthopedists and those trained in spinal techniques. Also the physical therapists did more to hurt her than to help her and if the surgeons don't offer a surgical solution they offer nothing else, except epidural steroids, which sometimes help and pain meds. I am sure many people are out there just living with this severe pain despite the magnitude of the defect. Your book is terrific and beautifully written.

    Dave M. M.D
  • Dr. O'Connor, I'm very thankful to have have found your website yesterday. As I type this I can say that my lower back pain has improved significantly. I followed your " Hanging Hip Maneuver" instructions yesterday and it seems to work. I can now sit at my desk without that terrible pain. I have only scratched the surface as far as getting a full understanding of the "Hanging Hip Manuver" , but I think I understand the basic concept. I will proceed with purchasing the book today and continue the self -education process. I will keep you informed of my progress. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!

  • Your book has made a huge difference in my back pain. I am making great strides in taking care of my pain. The biggest help I get from your book is that your explanations and drawings have enabled me to understand what is wrong in my back. I feel that I am able to deal with it. This is the first hope I have had for the two years of pain I've suffered. I thank God I found your site and ordered your book. It is well worth the money.

    Barbara B.
  • I have had low back pain for 4 years, the last year and a half at least once a week I went to a Chiropractor. Six months ago, I presented the problem to Dr. O'Connor. In a single visit, he alleviated my back pain instantly; and I have not had a problem since. I use his technique about once a week on my bed and obey his Principles with very successful results that I cannot attribute to anything other than his method.

    James E.
  • I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for the invaluable help you rendered for my lower back pain and a very painful left leg. I had injured my back in April 2002, at the age of 48, while removing heavy luggage from the trunk of my car, and things got worse over the following month as my leg developed pain and my foot went numb. I visited a doctor, 2 chiropractors and a physiotherapist many times over the next few months, without accurate diagnosis or improvement to my condition, but a much lighter pocketbook. It wasn't until I found your website in the fall that things began to improve. I obtained an MRI at my own expense, which showed conclusively that I had a herniated L5-S1 disc, then I subscribed to your website, read the web-book and tried the hip-hang maneuver. The second attempt resulted immediately in the loss of foot numbness and half of the leg pain. At this point I booked an appointment at your clinic to coincide with a business trip to San Francisco. The outcome of my visit was more than I could have hoped for -- you directed me through a series of maneuvers over an hour's time, without even laying a finger on me. When I was finally back on my feet, I was without any leg pain at all and most of the pain was gone from my lower back. You suggested that there might be some residual nerve damage from the length of time that it was under compression, and so far there is little or no indication of that being the case. The remaining lower back pain has gradually diminished to be almost unnoticeable over the 6 months since my visit. What I'm most thankful for is that I've been able to resume my physical activities (with a little extra care!). I've been skiing 15 times, beginning 2 weeks after my appointment, and I'm now hiking and bicycling again, all with no problems whatsoever. I'm sure there are countless others with my condition that could benefit in a similar way, and to them I say, don't wait! The sooner a disc herniation is dealt with, the easier it will be to correct it and the sooner you will be able to enjoy life again.

    David H.
  • Dr. O'Connor, I will never be able to repay you for the information you have so skillfully, intuitively provided in your book. I particularly found the clown illustrations to be beneficial. While laboring to not tell you more about myself, I can relay that I was more than prepared to speak with the neurosurgeon at Kaiser Sacramento last week regarding my extruded disc problem. I mentioned your name hoping to get a rise out of him but he hadn't heard of you. (typical of these doctors fresh out of med school who will not read anything of the 21st century upon graduation until necessary). If there is such a thing as a saint, you have met the criteria in my lessons observed in this journey we call "life". May you have peace. May you have prosperity. And above all, may you have love. When I am listening to the radio, I am a KGO fan and have called in several times over the years. The reception however doesn't come in very well out here unless you're in a car. BUT, everyone I know and will know, will happen upon your findings as I have gone from a constant 8 (10 being greatest on the scale of my pain) to about a nagging 1 here and there. My flexion without traction is still difficult at best but I am virtually pain free, standing, walking etc... By using the correct movements to pick up items, get out of cars, BALE HAY, I am almost back in the game. The accident itself was enough to change my life and the way I move, but it's just about a ressurection experience for me to be able to somewhat delicately go on. Hey! I did the dishes this morning! I stopped having a sciatica pain that would last for hours upon waking; I stopped feeling this (that would cause me to limp) on about the 5th active day of applying the manuevers. However, the pain in my back was instantaneously relieved. I have gotten so much better that it is becoming easy to neglect my manuevering sessions. My family, having endured this journey towards wellness with me, knows what I mean when I say,"Later, gotta go to traction...."

    Betsy R.
  • I am back home on my own mattress. I think that helps a lot. I still have twinges but I can now play the piano and run (pretty damn fast too!!) without pain on impact and the twinges are slowly getting better too. I feel so much better physically and psychologically now that I am back to running every day. I just need to get back the conditioning I lost with three and a half months off of running. I will continue with the maneuvers I learned from your method as needed. I try to avoid harmful moves in my lifestyle as well. Some of my friends think your book is very interesting. Thank you very much. Hope you enjoyed the country fair. I was unable to get tickets.

    Charlie D.