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Matt Ceriani spent 6 years in back pain resulting from a sports injury. After treatment by other practitioners, including shoulder surgery that was unsuccessful in relieving the pain, in June 2013 he met Dr. William T. O’Connor.

After just one session of going through The O’Connor Technique™, he was instantly taken out of pain, his range of motion was restored and he has remained out of pain to this day.

“I would recommended it to everyone; especially athletes looking to avoid surgery, or have a turn around where a normal low back or mid back injury might take 2 – 3 weeks. With The O’Connor Technique your pain goes instantly. Dr. O’Connor taught me how to do it on own so that I can take myself out of pain wherever I am.”

Matt Ceriani

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Written Testimonials

  • After suffering for many years with re-occurring spasms in my lower back, I sought treatment for a extreme episode of pain in early 2003. Instead of just prescribing muscle relaxers + rest, Dr. O'Connor explained what I was experiencing and what to avoid doing on a daily basis. Because he was able to allow me to visualize my problem and provide his book with illustrations, I have been spasm free. In fact, I am now able to use the information in the book along with a fitted back brace to essentially maintain my own back health. I have avoided at least three spasms on my own. Dr. O'Connor's "method " is a GODSEND.

    John E.
  • Got your book last p.m. tried figure 12 on pg. 239. It popped finally.Why don't they know about this in Omaha, Nebraska? I've had therapy, 2epidurals, anMRI, DRX9000, demeral, skelaxin, mobic, vicodin, ibuprophen, prevacid, and nexium. Dr.Franklin said he hadn't heard of your book. I can sit,stand,and bend and straighten back up now. Hope this lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roberta H
  • I just want everyone to know how much your technic has helped me.Tho the pain returns now and then I now have your book to guide me to relief. Thank you Dr. for writting the book. I have a clear understanding of how the back works and what to do if its starts hurting. I'm now sharing with others all that I have learned, and I tell them of the book . I just finished talking to a lady who called and was in pain. I shared with her how to lay in the bed and put her back in traction. She obtained relief right away! She is going to order your book to get the big picture. Again thanks for your help. I believe I can live with my back now too.

    Henry C.
  • Dr. O'Connor, I'm very thankful to have have found your website yesterday. As I type this I can say that my lower back pain has improved significantly. I followed your " Hanging Hip Maneuver" instructions yesterday and it seems to work. I can now sit at my desk without that terrible pain. I have only scratched the surface as far as getting a full understanding of the "Hanging Hip Manuver" , but I think I understand the basic concept. I will proceed with purchasing the book today and continue the self -education process. I will keep you informed of my progress. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!

  • For years, my back pain episodes were so bad that, at times, I couldn't function. With the last event, about a year ago, I was nearly bed-ridden. Within twenty minutes of trying Dr. O'Connor's technique, the severe pain was gone; and I could move freely. The next day, I returned to work, largely pain-free; and I have had no recurrences of low back pain since that time because I understand the source of the pain and followed his easily understood principles. Then, my neck suffered an auto-accident whip-lash. I couldn't turn it without extreme pain nor get relief after two visits to my HMO doctor. It dawned on me to try his book's neck pain maneuvers. During a few simple movements, I felt my neck "click," and the pain instantly resolved.

    Carolyn A.
  • Having been frustrated by the problem of treating back pain as a primary care physician for over 30 years, Dr. O'Connor has made my job much easier--I simply refer the non-surgical patients to him because, if he can't make them better with his method, I doubt that anyone can. I have personally observed sufficient numbers of patients who experienced relief after being introduced to Dr. O'Connor's technique to say: I believe he has, indeed, ‘built a better mouse trap,' and the world of back pain sufferers should be ‘beating a path to his door.

    Samuel W., M.D.
  • I learned about your ideas early this year. I have had significant sciatic problems for a couple of years and was losing weight in order to see if my sciatic symptoms would be improved after the weight loss. I finally went to your website and ordered your book. And soon after that, I called your office and made an appointment. I saw you at your office in March of this year, I believe. The office visit and demonstration was especially helpful in learning the particulars of my situation with the lower back. It’s been a tremendous help to me to be able to handle occasional flare-ups of a disc that moves out and causes some pain. I refer to your book on a regular basis to learn more. I don’t take ibuprofen on a regular, daily basis like I was before I lost the weight. I have taken a jog recently to see how it would go. I haven’t done that in 2 years. It went fine, no residual pain or inflammation at all. I will keep trying it out and hope to build a routine again, since I always enjoy a jog and a sweat. Today I ordered a book to be sent to my Mother-in-law in Los Angeles. She has already had a surgery up in the neck area and although it was difficult to recover from, she feels that she needed it to get relief. But now the MD is talking about a lower back surgery since she is having sciatic problems for the first time. This is not something that she wants to think about. She is now 78 years old. I figure that she might as well have a chance to try out your thinking and see if it is an alternative that can help her. If she is interested, I will recommend that she perhaps visit you the next time they travel to Nor. Cal. to visit us. Anyway, I enjoy your book, there is so much there to pay attention to. I had come to be afraid of the state of my discs, that they were shot, or at least one was. But you offered me the idea that I just needed to work at getting them back where they belong. Yes, they move around a bit, depending on what I do to them, but they aren’t shot, and it gives me a whole new outlook on my situation.

    Tom H.
  • Dr. O'Connor, I will never be able to repay you for the information you have so skillfully, intuitively provided in your book. I particularly found the clown illustrations to be beneficial. While laboring to not tell you more about myself, I can relay that I was more than prepared to speak with the neurosurgeon at Kaiser Sacramento last week regarding my extruded disc problem. I mentioned your name hoping to get a rise out of him but he hadn't heard of you. (typical of these doctors fresh out of med school who will not read anything of the 21st century upon graduation until necessary). If there is such a thing as a saint, you have met the criteria in my lessons observed in this journey we call "life". May you have peace. May you have prosperity. And above all, may you have love. When I am listening to the radio, I am a KGO fan and have called in several times over the years. The reception however doesn't come in very well out here unless you're in a car. BUT, everyone I know and will know, will happen upon your findings as I have gone from a constant 8 (10 being greatest on the scale of my pain) to about a nagging 1 here and there. My flexion without traction is still difficult at best but I am virtually pain free, standing, walking etc... By using the correct movements to pick up items, get out of cars, BALE HAY, I am almost back in the game. The accident itself was enough to change my life and the way I move, but it's just about a ressurection experience for me to be able to somewhat delicately go on. Hey! I did the dishes this morning! I stopped having a sciatica pain that would last for hours upon waking; I stopped feeling this (that would cause me to limp) on about the 5th active day of applying the manuevers. However, the pain in my back was instantaneously relieved. I have gotten so much better that it is becoming easy to neglect my manuevering sessions. My family, having endured this journey towards wellness with me, knows what I mean when I say,"Later, gotta go to traction...."

    Betsy R.
  • I recently purchased your book, "Making Your Bad Back Better," and I can't thank you enough -- it's been a great help to me. I injured my lower back lifting on July 25th, and when I was able to walk, a few days later, I began searching around on the internet for some information on spinal anatomy to find out what exactly I had done to myself. I found your website, and it was the most informative of all I had seen -- I immediately ordered the book, and it came just in time, because while I had been on the floor, immobilized by a lower back spasm, I was using my head & neck to shift around, and displaced the nucleus in a cervical disc (c2-c3, I think). It bothered me off and on and then began to get steadily worse until I was able to re-seat it with the help of your book. Once again, thank you for your excellent work.

    Trevor P.